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Nurse Midwives in Portland and Oregon City, Oregon

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The certified nurse midwives at Women’s Healthcare Associates provide the best of both worlds: high-quality modern healthcare and the compassion and art of midwifery. Women are encouraged to be partners in their care, and the midwife/client relationship is recognized as a key factor in the health of a woman and her family. Our midwives work with their physician partners, when needed, for specialized services or if problems develop.

What is a certified nurse midwife?

Today's midwives have evolved to become much more than their predecessors, but their goal has remained the same: quality healthcare for women. Nurse midwives are educated in the disciplines of nursing and midwifery, are graduates of a professional program accredited by the American College of Nurse-Midwives (ACNM) and must pass a national certification exam. In Oregon, midwives have master's degrees, are recognized as independent healthcare practitioners, have hospital admitting privileges, are licensed to prescribe medication and consult with many types of physicians.

Seeing a certified nurse midwife for obstetrics

Our certified nurse midwives are devoted to accompanying and supporting women through each stage of childbirth, whether they choose an un-medicated process or opt for pain medications, including epidural anesthesia. We have midwives who attend births in the hospital, as well as WHA's Midwifery Birth Center, a safe, comfortable out-of-hospital facility where healthy women at a low risk for complications can give birth naturally. State-of-the-art laboratory and ultrasound technologies are available to our patients and are used judiciously for screening and diagnosis to maximize healthy childbirth outcomes for mother and baby. Obstetric services include:

Seeing a certified nurse midwife for gynecology and women's health

The certified nurse midwives at Women’s Healthcare Associates provide gynecology and well-woman care for women at all stages of life, not just during pregnancy. Gynecology and well-woman services include:

Can anyone choose a certified nurse midwife in Portland, Oregon?

During pregnancy, midwifery care is ideal for women at a low risk of complications. When you first visit a midwife, she will take a comprehensive medical history, give you a physical exam and perform laboratory screenings to make sure midwifery care is right for you. She can also answer any questions you have and schedule additional prenatal screening or ultrasounds, if necessary.

If your midwife has concerns about your health or the health of your baby, she may recommend you see an OB/GYN physician or perinatologist (a high-risk pregnancy specialist). Conditions that may require specialized care include diabetes, heart disease, epilepsy or high blood pressure. Women carrying higher-order multiples, such as triplets, may also be referred to a specialist. In some cases, you may be able to continue to see your midwife and consult with a doctor your prenatal care.

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Whether you are interested in the services of midwives in Portland or you would like to consult a specialist, we have a trusted network of providers to choose from. Use our Find a Provider tool to find your prenatal caregiver.