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Breast Health and Disease Screening (Mammography)

Breast cancer is a frightening possibility for many women. Fortunately, we have a powerful tool for early detection—and with early detection there are more treatment options and a better opportunity for a real cure. That tool is mammography, or breast imaging. Women's Healthcare Associates uses the latest and most effective mammography technology, including 3D mammography (breast tomosynthesis), to help ensure your breast health. Read more about 3D mammography >

To provide the highest level of accuracy, Women's Healthcare Associates works with a team of local radiologists who specialize in breast-imaging services. To ensure the most accurate results, two separate, highly skilled radiologists independently evaluate each mammogram. This enables the radiologists to crosscheck each other and provides highly accurate results.

During mammography, a qualified technologist will place your breast on a platform that is part of the mammography unit and then compress your breast with a paddle. You will feel pressure, but for most women, it is not uncomfortable. If you do have discomfort, just let the technologist know and she will use less pressure and/or fit the mammography unit with special pads designed to decrease discomfort.

Once the mammogram is taken, it goes to analysis and you should receive your results in about a week.

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