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Elizabeth "Liz" Labby, CNM, MN

  • Certified Nurse Midwife
  • Gateway
  • Midwifery Birth Center – Gateway
Phone Number: (503) 734-3800
  • Spanish

Liz grew up in Portland as the only child of two physicians. She attended the University of California, Santa Cruz for her bachelor’s degree in agricultural and social transformation, graduating with honors. After graduating and traveling, Liz investigated different careers in healthcare and became a doula—working in home, birth center and hospital birth—before returning to school at OHSU to complete her bachelor’s degree in nursing and master’s in nurse-midwifery. 

Liz enjoys hearing women’s stories and being a resource for information and help when they need it most. She approaches caring for women as a team, working with each individual and family to form mutual trust and a personal relationship that often begins during pregnancy and continues as a woman’s needs and concerns change. One of the most rewarding aspects of supporting women for Liz is witnessing the strength they draw upon to go through pregnancy, labor, birth and the transformation to motherhood. She enjoys watching their stories unfold as they find new aspects of being and balance those with the old. 

Liz supports women through birth in both the hospital and at WHA's Midwifery Birth Center. She feels strongly that every woman has access to the birth experience that is appropriate for her based on her health, risk factors and what she wants:

“When birth happens in a setting where a woman’s natural process and rhythms guide the experience, it is a very special, very human thing to be a part of. I really like being able to hold space for women going through that very raw, human time. The fact that we can offer the range of experiences—from low-risk, unmedicated birth center births to hospital births supported by a midwife, OB/GYN or even maternal-fetal medicine specialist—within one, integrated organization makes the experience seamless and safe for women.”

In her spare time, Liz is an avid knitter and loves spending time outdoors hiking and backpacking. She has a dog, chickens and a vegetable garden.

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